My girlfriend and I picked out this ring together, as we both thought it was visually stunning (and loved that it was heavily discounted). Unfortunately, within a week, one of the small gemstones on the outer ring had fallen off. We contacted the seller right away and they responded by saying they would ship a new one! Couldn't be more pleased.


Great quality and fast shipping. Bella was great! I ordered two rings, and one was shipped the wrong design, after I asked her why it was
different, she sent me the right one, right away, and she also sent me an extra gift. Very responsive. Would recommend buying from her store.
Thank you!!!


Just the most beautiful piece! you won't be disappointed!


Beautiful ring!!
I’m so impressed.
Quality of the ring and fast shipping.
The stone looks bigger and more beautiful than the pictures.
I really love it!!
I received a cute necklace too!
Thank you so much!!!


This ring is stunning. So happy that I purchased. Fast shipping. Beyond happy.


This is a beautiful ring. It’s so stunning. Completely worth the price. I
don’t think my photo does it justice. Fast delivery and just a stunning


Very pretty! Couldn't believe the price! I love it! Quick to ship!


I thought I left an review for this but I guess not, so here it is! Just
like the pictures and it's packaged well and the ring is presented in a
beautiful velvety, soft ring box. Would highly recommend buying this
specific type of gorgeous moonstone ring.


I do love it! So attractive and brilliant sparkle in the sunlight! This
is a beauty and a wonderful addition to my new ring collection! Thanks a
bazillion sparkles! Shipped extremely fast! This shop does not